How to Train Your Dragon (2010) Review

"Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile." -Hiccup

Berk is village of vikings on a remote island that is frequently attacked by dragons.  Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is the son of the chief and is a bit of a weakling that nobody respects.  In his attempts to prove his worth as a viking, Hiccup manages to capture and wound an extremely rare dragon known as a Night Fury, but he is unwilling to kill it.  Instead, he frees and befriends the dragon and names him Toothless.  Now Hiccup has to find a way to show the other vikings that they don't need to kill the dragons after all.

What Works:
Hiccup is an extremely likable protagonist.  We get to witness him go through dragon training with the other young vikings, but he simply doesn't have the physical abilities to do what the other vikings can, so he has to rely on his other skills.  Hiccup studies and learns about the dragons and uses that knowledge to find harmless ways to subdue dragons.  As a big animal lover, this made me …

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Episode 1 "It Smells Like Success" Analysis

"Let's admit it, I'm awkward." -Wendy Diaz

Survivor is back, baby, and boy am I hyped!  This was a pretty solid episode of Survivor, even though it probably should have been 90 minutes.  Either way, we got a very entertaining first Tribal Council and now we have to figure out who played well and who sucked!  Let's go to the Edge!

Who Played Well:
We'll start over on the Kama tribe.  First we have Eric and Gavin who formed the only real alliance we saw on this tribe due to the fact they both want the returning players out, especially Aubry.  I think these two will be really dangerous down the road.
Speaking of returning players, Joe, though he didn't want to be Joey Amazing, certainly was.  He was a huge asset at camp and was the best competitor in the challenge.  So far, he's playing the same game he always does, but, in the early days, it's an effective game.
Finally, we have Ron, who managed to find the Advantage Menu.  He has lots of options wit…

Lost: Season 1 Episode 18 "Numbers" Review

"Now, I want some friggin' answers!" -Hurley

The eighteenth episode of Lost focuses on Hurley (Jorge Garcia).  In flashbacks, we learn that Hurley won millions of dollars in the lottery with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.  What follows is a string of bad luck that results in the death of Hurley's grandfather, his house catching fire, and his priest getting struck by lightning.  Convinced that the numbers he used are cursed, Hurley returns to the mental institution he was once a patient at to see another patient, Leonard (Ron Bottitta), who repeats the numbers over and over again and is where Hurley first heard the numbers.  Leonard tells Hurley that he first heard them over a radio transmission with his coworker, Sam Toomey, who lives in Australia.  Hurley travels to the middle of nowhere to find Sam, only to meet his wife, Martha (Jayne Taini), who tells Hurely that Sam used the numbers to win a guessing game and afterward was followed by a string of bad luc…

The Snubby Awards: 2012 Oscars

It's that time again: The Snubby Awards!  For those of you who don't know, the Snubby Awards take a look at all of the Best Picture nominees from a given year and determine if the best film won or if one was snubbed.  If that's the case, they win the coveted Snubby Award!

This time we'll be looking at the 2012 Oscars, which had a very weak field in my opinion.  Two of the nominees I hated to the point that they are my two least favorite Best Picture nominees I have seen.  Several others I was underwhelmed by.  The nominees were: The Descendants, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Help, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, The Tree of Life, and War Horse, with the winner being The Artist.  Did The Artist deserve to win or did somebody else get snubbed?  Let's take a look!

#9. The Tree of Life

Coming in dead last is my least favorite nominee I've seen so far.  The Tree of Life is the story of a dysfunctional family in 1950's Texas, but it also connects t…

Rocky III (1982) Review

"No, I don't hate Balboa, but I pity the fool." - Clubber Lang

Now the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) has defended his title for three years, but none of his opponents have given him a challenge.  Rocky is thinking about retiring until he is challenged by an extremely violent newcomer, Clubber Lang (Mr. T), and loses to him.  Rocky teams up with his old rival, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), to train for a rematch against Clubber, but is Rocky past his prime?

What Works:
The first two Rocky films were easy to get invested in because Rocky Balboa is such a likable guy, but the main reason Rocky III is investing is because of Clubber Lang.  The guy is a fantastic villain and extremely easy to hate.  Mr. T gives a terrific performance as the vile Clubber.  Apollo Creed was a solid antagonist, but you never hated the guy.  This time, we want to see Clubber lose more than we want to see Rocky win.
It's really fun to have Rocky team up w…

Happy Death Day 2U (2019) Review

"I died eleven times." -Tree Gelbman

The morning after the events of the previous film, Carter's (Israel Broussard) roommate, Ryan (Phi Vu), is killed by someone wearing a baby-face mask, only to wake up at the start of the day again.  Carter and Tree (Jessica Rothe) agree to help Ryan stop the killer only to discover the source of the time loops.  Tree quickly finds herself back at the start of her birthday all over again and has to find a way to stop the killer, who may not be the same person as last time, save her friends, and fix the time loop once and for all.

What Works:
Happy Death Day 2U dials the slasher elements back and focuses more on sci-fi.  This is a time-travel, dimension hopping film.  It feels the the plot of an episode of Rick and Morty at times.  I love that this movie doesn't just do the same thing all over again.  They jump headfirst into a new genre, which is something I would love to see more oftenin the slasher genre.  I'm totally on board…

Lost: Season 1 Episode 17 "...In Translation" Review

"We're not the only people on this island and we all know it!" -John Locke

The 17th episode of Lost follows Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), who gets into an argument with his wife, Sun (Yunjin Kim), about the revealing bathing suit she is wearing.  When Michael (Harold Perrineau) tries to intervene, Sun slaps him, but that doesn't stop Jin from interrogating her about something possibly going on between her and Michael.  Sun tries to apologize to Michael later, but he brushes it off telling her it's her problem, not his.
Michael continues to work on his raft to get himself and Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) off of the island, though Walt is mostly uninterested in helping.  Sawyer (Josh Holloway) buys his way onto the raft by trading Michael supplies.  That leaves one spot left on the raft.  That night, the raft is found on fire and unsalvageable.  Michael and Sawyer both blame Jin, but Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) try to talk them down.
Sun finds Jin in the…